What everyone thinks you are until proven innocent.
I can tell that the person is GUILTY of murder just by looking at him.
by AYB March 13, 2003
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Dustin Camp was guilty for killing Brian Deneke. Brian you are missed, remembered and loved.
R.I.P Brian Deneke
by Tasha July 13, 2004
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"Guiltiness Pressed on their conscience" (Bob Marley and The Wailers)
by Adrian Montarce September 21, 2006
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What you are presumed to be by the legal industrial complex,the press,and casual observers if you are man...and a woman or a child accuses you of wrong-doing.
1)In order to deny custody to a father-and generate income-a woman has as part of her state-sponsored arsenal the ability to:
A)Have consensual sex with you...then claim rape.(you're GUILTY)
B)File a restraining order against you for any reason
including you just going to pick up the last of your stuff.(DITTO)
C)Convince the kid to tell Johnny Law that you were abusive.(" ")
D)Take your money and not document it's proper use.
TESTOSTERONE:It's not just for men anymore.
by L.MARTIN July 5, 2006
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