A nigga who getting some sex. had to replublish. Originated in Alabama
“Man kanye yeen gettin no motion

“Man ong i got some motion after the game”
by froggie205 September 12, 2022
1. A promotion without a raise or bonus.

2. During the recession of 2009, employers have embarked on a new trend of giving promotions to employees (e.g. by adding more responsibility to their current position or new job title) but not giving the employee any monetary compensation for it (e.g. no raise, no bonus).
My boss gave me a no-motion as I was promoted to VP but still receiving the same pay!
by butterfingas September 11, 2009

the "act" of doing graffiti on a moving bus or train.

Running along the side of a moving bus or train and tagging it.
Motioning is tricky.

Fat people can't moton tag.
by DigDug March 8, 2004
Emotional Music that makes you want to move yo' body.
Damn this Afrojack set is motional!
by jswzz September 11, 2013
The proper slang term for a wash cloth used for tables and counters
YO! Pass me my motion, I need to clean this spilled milk.
by rnte September 12, 2009
getting that bread to put it simple or money coming in
Im a young nigga that get to the bread, I be having motion for real
by rocky william January 6, 2022
To have motion means to be accomplishing things at a good speed, most likely has there own apartment, car, on the path to starting a career, also to have enough money to support yourself and your habits.
“I’m really having motion out here, can’t nobody stop me”
by The. January 5, 2022