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1. "To fuse cunts together". A slang term for the lesbian postion, scissoring.

2. A deliberately offensive pronounciation of the word confusion with essentially the same meaning.
1. Jack: I went down to the brothel the other day and saw some lesbians into some serious cuntfusion.

2. There was so much chaos in the area, it was simply just cuntfusion.
by nieksjd January 13, 2009
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The aftermath of having too many cunts within a short period of time.
After fucking so many chicks in one night, he had a lot of cuntfusion.

Baby, I'm sorry, who are you? I'm really cuntfused right now.

Douchebag bro: Is it just me? Or is that hottie eye fucking me right now?

Sober biddie: I think your just cuntfused.
by PutstheMACKKon January 23, 2012
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