Power Tool - One who exceeds the normal definition of tool and goes above and beyond in their unknowingness that they are being used.

Currently used to describe the most diligent, hard-working, never-see-sunlight students at MIT.

You may substitute a brand-name power tool to get the desired effect, i.e. Sawzall, or just make the sound/hand motion of using a chainsaw.
This guy can't talk about anything but his classes, and I think he's studied for this one test for a week now, he's such a power tool.
by Mr Bill November 30, 2004
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A particular variety of tool who holds or seeks positions of power just for the sake of holding power itself, frequently found in politics and corporate upper management or executive positions.
The more I hear about that guy running for Senate, the more he looks like a power tool who's only in it for status and influence.

Our new metaboss is such a power tool; I hope he keeps climbing the ladder just so we won't have to deal with him for long.
by Monseignore Laszlo August 6, 2010
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vibrators, bullets, butterflies, licorice stix, purple flirts, etc
I just bought some new power tools at the fun party. Its not small you gotta plug it in the wall.
by Mr. Reality Music May 8, 2008
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one who possesses above-and-beyond qualities of toolishness and/or douchebaggery
Guy #1: Man, he's the biggest tool I've ever seen!
Guy #2: Yeah, he's a total power tool.
by definitively October 26, 2009
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