Someone who has surpassed Jerk and Asshole but hasn't quite reached Motherfucker
John is being a douchebag toward Taylor by telling everyone her secrets.
by spbwhat May 10, 2016
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N - A person with an over inflated ego, coupled with a low intelligence, who has no idea people are making fun on his style or personality has many examples of the different types of douchebags
by aarone720 March 15, 2010
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a guy that is a royal jerk and will one day get his. a typical loser jerkface asshole who lies to girls, doesn't know how to be a man and is a big pussy.
by ihateyoualways August 28, 2009
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A person (most likely a man) who is self-absorbed and in love with himself and is very obnoxious about it and chalks up any negative criticism to jealousy. That guy who thinks he is a god and won't shut up about it.
this Mike Guy from Jersey shore actually nicknamed his own abs and compares his fame with the Beatles....what adouchebag
by That's Him Officer June 27, 2010
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Of course, this word applies to many different types of insufferable dickheads across this country. But my favorite, my absolute favorite, is the douche that will precipitate some type of physical conflict at a bar, a club, or anywhere. The douche then gets a pop in the mouth or the nose and immediately calls law enforcement to report himself as the victim of a crime. (the same law enforcement he will badmouth any other time). I feel strongly that this type of douche is indigenous to southwest Idaho. They are crawling all over Boise, Nampa, Caldwell, Eagle, and Meridian.
Did you see that Douchebag? He grabs my wife's ass, I pop him one on the nose, and he calls the police and now I have a to go to court for battery.
by fritzboise January 25, 2017
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A type of person that is absolutely mean for no reason. These toe suckers are going out of there way just to ruin someone's day. These people are everywhere, you just can't avoid them.
by urban dictionary is very cool October 10, 2023
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