when a woman is not smart enough to understand something, so a man explains it to her
woman: the wage gap shows that females are being payed less for the same job.
man: the wage gap is only showing the average pay of man and woman, it does not count for hours worked or different jobs.
by the egalitarian May 18, 2017
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Men's attempt to define women's reality without understanding women's lived experience.
see all men's definitions of mansplain, mansplaining mansplanation

really, men are trying to explain this? for whom?
by Ms.Ann Driss March 11, 2017
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An explanation (usually by a man to a woman) to explain why she shouldn't have found the sexist thing he just said, sexist.
"When I told him my looks shouldn't have any bearing on my ability to do my job, he told me to relax and gave a long mansplanation about how I should take being told I'm pretty as a compliment."
by unrest655321 September 01, 2015
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The term used by a feminist looking to find a reason to dislike all men.
That other debater only won because he was mansplaning
by C001 guy101 December 14, 2019
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a term used when a feminist is upset at some poor guy who just wanted to have an opinion...
most commonly used when the feminist goes back to talk with her friends. Or in other terms "STOP MANSPLANING!!!"
by supagrandad9000 December 23, 2020
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When a man starts to explain something to a woman that she already knows and is therefore unnecessary
When a guy comes up to the girl at the gym doing weights and tries to explain what she should do. While she’s already doing it, that’s “mansplaning
by That’s_the_tea_sis January 19, 2019
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Men as a whole who feel it necessary to explain things to women they do not understand themselves but think that they do just because they are men. Not to be confused with slut nation.
Damn, I just can't stand the mansplanation nation.
by 6363756e6e696e676861 February 11, 2016
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