a) not understanding, no clue
b) greatest chick flick ever made starring alicia silverstone
Like, D'oh, Im totally clueless when it comes to physics
watever! I just rented clueless
by Pheebs October 22, 2003
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A movie that was made in 1995. Clueless has the famous quote that my dad likes to use to scare off boys. clueless is a comedy film.
"Anything happens to my daughter, I got a .45 and a shovel, I doubt anybody would miss you."

"You think I'm a mentally retarded airhead?"

by tinkerbell10121 August 18, 2008
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1) A person who partakes in an event of which they have no understanding, often having a negative impact upon others.

2) A person in need of meeting with a cluestick
Bob ran his own mailserver but never realised why his Internet connection suddenly became very slow.
Subsequently, Bob got very angry with people accusing him of spamming because no spam could ever come from his computer.
by beddo May 11, 2004
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A word like “cringe” that incel zoomers type in Twitch chat when they feel left out and want to type something and have nothing interesting or intelligent to contribute.
<Streamer says something>

twitch incel: clueless
by Purgator April 2, 2022
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it is being in the reality of the realization that you are clueless
Jumping in the middle of a discussion, her cluelessality on the topic was overwhelming
by mymint87 January 10, 2011
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When you have to look up the word 'Clueless' on Urban Dictionary.
What does clueless mean?
I dunno, look it up on Urban Dictionary. They have legit definitions. No Lie.
by UCSD_Ngo October 11, 2010
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