Most popular phrase from January 1 to January 31. Usually followed up by a
'probably ' and then a ridiculous or an unrealistic goal.
I should probably (work out more, stop smoking, eat healthier, stop spending so much money, help the needy, get a job, build a rocket, become an astronaut) this year
by Shmedricko January 9, 2009
You're so distracted/bored while studying or doing homework that you search up random things.

Go back to studying!
I should be studying right now but I'm going to search it up random things. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
by B00tyk1lla69 March 29, 2019
A rude and terse way to end a conversation you no longer wish to be a part of.
Jacob: But the prize...
Shepard: I should go.
by Tells-Many-Truths June 2, 2016
British phrase originating from the 30's. Rhyming slang for I should think so or I should say so. Used sarcastically so the literal translation is I should think not. Also spelled I should co-co and I should cocoa.
A: The boss said you will be singing at the Christmas party.
B: Oh I should coco!
by justadub January 16, 2008
What you're thinking. Usually thought with said homework in a pile next to a big distraction, most likely a computer.
I should be doing homework but instead I'm on the urban dictionary reading a riveting definition.
by 2112iskewl September 30, 2015
Hello! You're most likely procrastinating right now. I can imagine that big pile of homework sitting next to you that is all due tomorrow. I would tell you to stop browsing urban dictionary but I know you won't listen. Good luck, you'll need a lot of it.

P.S. Faking sick can sometimes be a good excuse and can give you an extra day to complete that homework that I know you probably wont do today.
I should be doing homework.
by Kittykat10001 February 22, 2019
What you're thinking. Usually thought with a computer sitting by said homework.
I should be doing homework but instead I'm on urban dictionary because it's more interesting.
by 2112iskewl September 30, 2015