The art of strategically placing ones body in a photograph as to make that individual look different then they do in real life. This is cropping.

Although cropping has taken place since the dawn of photography, it has gained in popularity in recent years do to myspace and facebook.

Many overweight girls take photos of the face in a pose that makes them actually look skinny and attractive. In some cases cropping can actually make a 2 turn into a 10 or dime.

Cropping is relatively harmless except in cases were a girl tries to get a guy who is WAY out of her league only to be let down after he gets his cock sucked.
Damn, this bitch looked really hot on myspace, so I decided I'd bang her. Man, she had the biggest foopa I've ever seen. I made her change that cropping shit so not to trick anyone else.
by Agntagnt March 16, 2008
When your undershirt slides up above your belly like you are wearing a crop top under your shirt.
Omg Emily, I’m cropping so hard right now
by UnathleticNeanderthal March 11, 2022
yo bredrin de feds came las night tryin 2 tax up ma crops
by bOnGwAtEr September 12, 2003
Something you yell out after you see a picture of yourself, with someone in it you don't like
Oh my gawd why is that bitch in our picture?
by Clvgrl78 March 31, 2015
vegatble garden vs. a flower garden
Jimbo: Haney, air ye growin' any 'maters this year in yer backgyard?

Haney: Nope. No crops. Wife's growin' flares this year.

Jimbo: Alright then.
by Jimmy D October 13, 2003
Obviously cropping someone out of a photo with a arm around you or equally important in the picture.
Bossanova: Hey that girl bianca has mad cropped pictures on face book she must be a skeeze
Johny Hammersticks: shes a cropping whore man. wats new
by Bossanova Bill November 19, 2009
The children of a hillbilly farmer whose actual produce failed during the year. He takes them to fairs to enter into contests instead of actual food, though they don't taste nearly as well. They usually can succeed well if entered as yams or squash. Poor kids have to live with that for the rest of their lives.
Jim Bob: Mah corns dinn't grow so wyell tis yar, so I took my two gyurls Wynona and Edbert to the fair! Hyuck. They won the squarsh contest!
by WhoaTimesTwo March 30, 2004