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Bastardization of the Acronym F.U.P.A (for Fat Upper Pussy Area or Fat Upper Penis Area), commonly seen packed into "mom jeans" like sausage casing and on fat people in motorized scooters.
"My ex got depressed and started eating four pints of hagen daas a day; now she's got a foopa that that hangs over her skivvies like wash on the line." Or, in the menfolks' case: "His erection is struggling to rise against his foopa."
by nass-taters December 17, 2005
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1.The pocket of fat or extra flesh a women gets after child birth,from streching the uterous.2.Overweight women have it when they reach obessity.3.Men get it from plain obsessity.
1.Wilma never was able to loose that foopa after she gave birth to the twins.
2.Miss.Snider's foopa is humongous!Shes never popped anything out of her baby hole either!
3.Henry's foopa jiggled with delight
by Katie March 25, 2004
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An area of fat usually found on the bellys of older women who do not exersize, it can also be found rarly in some men and younger women who dont get exersize (car). It is located above the hip and is located dead center of the body usually above waistline, making one appear to be bloated or enourmously fat.
Maz:Car has the biggest foopa ever.
Dom: Dude i know, i think she beat humbaba.
Maz: Seriously, she needs to hit that gym sometime to get rid of all that fat hanging around everywhere.
Kellie: if she doesnt get rid of her excess body fat soon, ill stop hanging around her.
Dom/Maz/Kellie: Foopa doopa doompidie do. Carolines foopa is bigger than you.
by mazinelia March 02, 2007
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Foopa - (n) - when a person suffers from obesity or elephantitis of the genital region that swells the lower and upper groin with a layer of fat; inflammation of the nether regions due to weight gain and fat.

Synonyms - front ass, front butt, butt in the front
Alternate Spelling - fupa
Uses - "Yo mang, check that dudes foopa!"

"Can you please refrain from scratching your foopa flakes on my food?"

"Can I pet your foopa?"

"Dude your foopa is so big you can't even fit in my car!"

"That foopa is like a built in airbag!"

"Foopas for days"

"I love my foopa like I love my children"

"Has anyone seen my chihuahua?"

"Your chihuahua is stuck in your foopa!"

"Your foopa suffocated poor Sparky!"

"May Sparky the chihuahua rest in piece"

"... In your foopa"

"I make all dem bitches show dem foopas"

"I make it rain foopas"

"...And foopa flakes"
by Mulberry Ghila Monster November 17, 2013
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Fat that hangs over a womans pussy, or unusually big flappy piece of skin that sways back and forth over a womans vagina creating a very unpleasant seen.
"Miss Bassar i love your FOOPA!"
"Thank you Johnny thats very nice of u!"
"I was complimented on my foopa today! Whats a foopa?"
"Its that big hunk of fat that sways back and forth over you pussy, you stupid cow!"
by Ragena Falange August 06, 2006
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