To be so crippled (high) that you cannot move.
Jordan, you're so cropped
by Tim March 10, 2005
In a group picture, the individual(s) who are cropped out to make to focus on one person, often for a profile picture
I was Matt's latest crop victim in his current Facebook profile pic.
by goodmorningvhoyz October 24, 2015
When you try to purchase an amount marijuana or crop from someone when someone else enters the room or area that is disapproving of the purchase. You have been crop blocked, like cock blocked, but while trying beef up your stash.
Man, I was trying to score some good nugs at a good price and he walked in the room and totally crop blocked me.
by Fo Realzzzz June 2, 2011
farting while walking;
walking while farting;
i crop dusted my way down the aisle at the grocery store
by charlie August 15, 2003
The act of walking through a group of people and expelling gas and doing so repeatedly
Mike was dusting the crops at the dance.
by Gindy December 6, 2009
Cropped out, cropped me or crop me, is defined as a term when someone decided to cut you off, reject your call, leave without much notice.
"Great so your leaving just like that?? Don't crop me out"
"Thanks for not coming back to me, properly feel cropped out"
by #GPR January 31, 2019