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"Chokin' on that homegrown"
by BGB September 21, 2005
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Refers to the extremely attractive and totally sheltered college-age girls who would never (otherwise) ever appear in published pornography.

This fast expanding sub-genre of amateur porn consists of uncensored and explicit self-promoting glamour shots or videos taken for boyfriends or with sorority BFFs who subsequently upload the media to the free Internet or a paying porn site at the conclusion of the relationship.
Thanks to one of the homegrown forums a buddy of mine linked me to I finally got to see what Ashley looks like naked after Jeff broke up with her and he put all the pictures up she sent him over break and she is HOTTT!!!!
by James Gryllidae September 11, 2008
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1.homegrown a noun, meaning a video made independantly and or at home, usually involes skits, pranks, stunts and extreme sports

2.homegrown a noun, meaning weed grown at home
1.roy: dude have you seen www.homegrownforums, they have some crazy dudes on there
ben: yeah man there is one homegrown called Boredom-Induced there freakin hilariouse

2.roy: cough man this is good shit whats in it?
bob: nothing but pure homegrown man
by Funk Master Steven August 13, 2005
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Pornography posted on internet forums where the poster is the subject themselves. esp. on Something Awful.
Banned for posting homegrown pictures in the general forum.
by fyadite February 11, 2010
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"This is where they stay crunk, throw it up, dubs on the Cadillac
White tees, Nikes, gangstas dont know how to act
Adamsville, Bankhead, College Park, Carver Homes
Hummers floatin on chrome
Chokin' on that home grown."

- Ciara, "Oh"
by Tricia March 15, 2005
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