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I term brought to mainstream America in recent years by popular radio show host Howard Stern.

The origins of the word have little to do with the current American meaning. In Japanese, bukake means splash or spill... The American definition is much different, in English bukake describes 1 or more men jerking off on a whores face until it drips everywhere.

In western culture bukake is a very enjoyable part of a relationship for both men and women. It is also very common for a women to have her entire face covered in cum or jizz.
John and his friends learned about bukake from Howard Stern so now they bukake on every women in sight.
by Agntagnt March 15, 2008
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A young, attractive call girl who was given immunity for her actions in the Elliot Spitzer scandal.

Although extremely hot she has an awful hip hop single that can only be described as SHIT... but it has made her an estimated 1.4 million dollars even though she's been in the spot light for only 5 days.
At this early stage of the scandal we still know very little about Dupre other then the info we get from her myspace page. (Or the 100's that have already been faked in her honor). Only time will tell if her pictures are correct in describing her looks. This may be bigger then the OJ trial.
Damn bro, that whore ashley dupre really cant sing... but she must suck a mean cock... she brought a governor down.
by Agntagnt March 16, 2008
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The art of strategically placing ones body in a photograph as to make that individual look different then they do in real life. This is cropping.

Although cropping has taken place since the dawn of photography, it has gained in popularity in recent years do to myspace and facebook.

Many overweight girls take photos of the face in a pose that makes them actually look skinny and attractive. In some cases cropping can actually make a 2 turn into a 10 or dime.

Cropping is relatively harmless except in cases were a girl tries to get a guy who is WAY out of her league only to be let down after he gets his cock sucked.
Damn, this bitch looked really hot on myspace, so I decided I'd bang her. Man, she had the biggest foopa I've ever seen. I made her change that cropping shit so not to trick anyone else.
by Agntagnt March 16, 2008
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