Polo queen of ACT, Yackin shit from the BP.
Knocking sluts since ninety-six,
Not quite bi, but still picking up chicks.
White girl rapper, daily napper.
Trek out at night and drop a slapper.
Church choir? She'll be the clapper,
Don't mess with her game cause she'll probably stab ya,
Listen to me faggot, you know you'd shag it,
Take her for a spin in your gtr and try and bag it.
But she aint silly, just pack her a billy.
She don't want your dick,
That shits kinda sick.
For her, one rule.
Make cash.
Thats the meaning of a true las!
by ninetysixlilakky July 1, 2013
LIGHTS Addiction Syndrome is a highly contagious, incurable emotional disorder characterized by inability to stop listening to the Canadian musician LIGHTS’ music and visiting her myriad of Internet outlets to read all of her blogs, watch all of her videos, and any other similar activity.
Some common symptoms include (but are not limited to):
1) Greatly reduced stress levels while listening to any song by LIGHTS
2) A general feeling of helplessness while attempting to turn off a LIGHTS song
3) Involuntary smiling during each of LIGHTS’ interviews
4) Inability to not feel good after reading/watching a LIGHTS blog/vlog
5) Melting of heart every time LIGHTS laughs
6) Absolute loss of inhibition to change the world for the better
I have a severe case of LAS, I can't help but listen/watch Lights every opportunity I have.
by Aaron1006 May 4, 2010
The noise you make when you refuse to listen to somebody and drown out their words with your own noise. Usually accompanied by sticking your fingers in your ears or shaking your head.
"We're both adults, right? Well, last night your mom and I were having maritals and she wanted me to try ... "
"I am not listening! La la la la!"
by Coell September 2, 2005
Smoke-as in the good stuff.
My nizzles be smokin' tha' la la la.
by Bellafonte August 20, 2003
He blows La La.

Roll that La La!
by Bee August 22, 2003
fuck you
Lala is a nicer way of saying you want to fuck someone. Sang by Ashlee Simpson.
"You make me wanna LaLa in the kitchen on the floor"
"You make me wanna fuck you in the kitchen on the floor"
by Jennifer August 7, 2004