A short singlet that doesn't quite cover your stomach. popular in the 90's.
That crop top shows off her toned stomach.
by canarypopple May 3, 2009
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the shit i get judged in
friend 1: bro did u see her wear a crop top
friend 2: bro her belly button finna make me act up
by sierraig July 19, 2021
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A top (shirt) that a girl (or boy) wears, generally showing off most of the stomach. Many include showing the belly button.
Becky's Crop Top was so short!
Wow, didn't you love her Crop Top?
Let's go Crop Top shopping!!
by GiRlWhObLoGs April 8, 2015
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The best invention ever. When a girl wears a crop top with black leggings it’s bassiclly a boner or virgin where you can see that fat ass and she can’t cover it at all and see her abs
My ass looks nice in that crop top
by Thesauce1234 February 2, 2023
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When your friend is significant other is a farmer and the dom they're a crop top
by OleRedneckSon December 12, 2021
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Something that Middle-School aged Females should NEVER EVER FUCKING WEAR! God, it makes me sooooo fucking mad that they do. Like, what parent would let their teen girl walk out of the house in a crop-top, especially in winter?
Like it makes me so mad to the point that... ykw, nm.
The new rule at insert school name here states, "NO FUCKING CROP TOPS PER THE COUNTY REQUEST." LL the crop tops, ig?
by AirTrafficControlSpecialist December 15, 2022
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A holiday occurring every Tuesday, generally for cross country/pole vaulting boys in which a cut off tee shirt is worn in celebration. Occasionally, female or none track and field related males are recruited and participate. Usually only once or twice. No one is more faithful than the original handful of boys, or should I say men, who began the tradition.
"Why are the cross country boys wearing that?"
"God, Susie, it's Crop Top Tuesday you uncultured swine!"
by youngshannie November 24, 2015
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