What was an awesome band until they got big ass ego's and decided they weren't gonna do it for the faith anymore. DAMN YOU! Thankfully, at least Mark Tremonti and Scott Phillips can still be heard in what is now Alter Bridge. :D
Dude, lead singer may have been suckish at times, but listen to the LYRICS. My Own Prison. Kick ass.
by Squirrelykins June 23, 2005
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a boy who is short, and never shuts up. He makes friends very easily but mostly just sticks around with his best friends. he doesn't like to date for a little bit he likes serious relationships.
by ihateanna123 March 13, 2019
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1. (Band)A Really shitty 90's rock band. Although everyone listened to their music back then, no one would ever admit it now. Scott Stapp made a deal with Satan and started a band for "Teh Lulz" and even managed to troll God. God was so butthurt over being tricked into listening to their shitty music because they cited him as their inspiration, that He decided to smite them thus, causing their inevitable breakup. Their easily forgettable lyrics are now destined to float somewhere in space where even extra terrestrials would fear coming to earth because of the remote chance that they might come across the scatological remains of whatever Scott Stapp last sang.

2(Guys name) Creed's are really cool guys to hang out with. They are laid back, and often pascifist in most regards. They are popular with the ladies and will have many memorable quotes and inside jokes with many of them. Ironically, they are also very knowledgeable about music but if at some point you mention their name and it's similarities to that of the shitty 90's rock band they will proceed to gouge out your eyes with their dick and skullfuck you.
Bob:Has anyone seen Creed?

John: You mean that Shitty band?

Bob: No, I mean that Cool motherfucker who can psychically deflower chicks with his vast knowledge of all that is music. This guy would kick their asses.

John: Oh, um... I think he went for a quickie with that hot chick in the bathroom.
by CincoDeMayonaise October 06, 2010
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creed rock! i only just into listening to creed and i dont think theyre a christian band. i didnt even know they wee thought of as being one until i read this! if u h8 creed so much then ure obviously a fukin townie and shud be sat on by old obese naked people till u die!
bi bi xx
squash the townies coz creed rock!
by pippa June 06, 2004
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A word used to describe someone who is very irritating and annoying constantly. It could also be used to describe someone who you generally don't like.

A creed would normally make an atmosphere bad until they leave, and the further away they get, the better the atmosphere becomes.

To call someone a creed they must be very annoying and very irritating to be around.
Oh my god "Name" is such a creed!
"NAME" is such a creed! Look how much better it is now he/she has gone.
He/she is a creed.
Go away you creed!
I am surrounded by creeds!
by Boris the Brilliant August 02, 2011
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to creed something
to do something crazy as shit mostly like assasins creed
dude, he creeded that gap
by b15bomber May 01, 2008
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