Anyone see Th3Count man hes crazy l33t.
by Some l33t guy March 11, 2003
A 13 year old who is sad alot but still smiles because she doesn't let anyone ruin her life she is very nice and kind and pretty
go follow me on tik tok th3.lost.fairy.lacy
by Amy markle February 1, 2021
some kid who thinks he is the man but comes across as a total asswipe when he calls himself TH3 B0$$ (the boss)
he is also known for telling his parents that he is (the boss) which often results in an immediate argument and or heated conversation.
andrew clean your room!
no mom, im TH3 B0$$
by mister fluffykins September 2, 2010
TH3 JOK3ER is an online name for Nintendo Wii. Medal of Honor heros 2. One of the best players in the game. A very legit, nice player. Could quite possible be one of the best players that has ever picked up a Wii Remote. He was ranked 15 in Medal of Honor. He used the Springfield Rifle and no scoped and could flawlessly win games without trying, while everyone else in the game was shooting him with SMGs and LMGs.
Wow, TH3 JOK3ER just owned me with a no scopes across the map, does he hack?

I think TH3 JOK3ER is a robot, no one can do this.

Is this a joke?
by GUMBYKID May 2, 2010
Th3 T3chi3s are a group of tech-savvy students committed to spreading their knowledge of advanced software, hardware, gaming and other aspects of technology. The group uses youtube to post tutorials, and their website,, to post text tutorials, game reviews and additional information and news.
"Whoa, Th3 T3chi3s is a really awesome site."
by The Hegemon August 29, 2011
The best person on TikTok and no one has ever disagreed about that
They are the owner of the notorious cult, The Church Of Homer Simpson and Bun says to join
Bun is Pan and if you donโ€™t like it they donโ€™t care #@th3.w4nners.an2.gl1tchistheownerofTheChurchOfHomerSimpson
th3.w4nners.an2.gl1tch is the best person on TikTok
by @th3.w4nners.an2.gl1tch October 21, 2021