(v) to creed: The act of altering the preferences of an unattended computer or open facebook account to reflect a fictional and unhealthy fixation with the band Creed. Popular methods include changing an individual's desktop to a picture of the band, or listing Creed as their religious preference on facebook.
Emma left her facebook open so obviously we had to creed her.

I left my computer for a minute and Dom creeded the hell out of it.

Evan suffered two creedings in one day. Someone should stay with him tonight.
by DonDiego July 12, 2008
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1: a group of beleaves
2: a great rock band
"not to discriminate by race,sex or creed"
"creed rock man!"
by jacks August 03, 2003
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A very mysterious and possibly psychopathic character from a mockumentary called β€œthe Office”
Creed Bratton has never declared bankruptcy, when Creed Bratton gets in trouble he transfers his debt to William Charles Schneider
via giphy
by Who reads names anyway December 20, 2019
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Being a genuine disappointment through digging the boys constantly
So where’s jake?
Oh he’s being a creed, what did you expect
by UngassedKaike May 08, 2020
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When your friend is about to end it all and you rush from any distance to catch them with arms wide open
If you ever consider jumping down that juicy flight of stairs, I will be at the bottom to creed you. No doubt about it.
by migglez August 27, 2019
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A true band, not like other bands who are all made of people who can't play instruments. Their vocalist is awesome and hot, their guitarist and their drummer kick ass, and their songs are beautiful. They don't sing about God, really, and the guitarist doesn't believe in organized religion, anyway.
They sing songs about happiness and inspiration, and recovering from hopelessness, even though most of the melodies are very dark-sounding.
by Theaphelia September 13, 2003
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