an egg, slang for teste (singular) see antay for plural testes
my left anta is bigger than my right anta
ja rule is an anta-less, anta-licking anta-face
by mojo7676 August 27, 2003
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Croatian girl name. Anta's are beautiful, smart, funny and good friends. You wil always be happy with Anta around.
Woah, aint that anta hott!
by Hellroad May 20, 2006
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The one who comes on Trashmas to take away your trash from the side of the road. For us cool kids Trashmas Eve is on Sunday and Trashmas is on Monday of every week!
and you leave the Trash-anta goodies that he will gladly take away for you but ONLY if your nice =
OMG!!! i see Trash-anta!!!
I hope he likes my cookies and warm milk i left for him in the can!!!
by Toriepoo the great!!!! October 23, 2006
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Anta is a mysterious, curious and magnificent girl. She tends to be very creative and attractive.

She loves cats, art, philosophy and science.

Despite the fact she's kinda nerd, she is the one who talk to others first
'omg I'm so into him. Where's Anta to start a convo with him?
by soulvessel November 20, 2021
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