The result of a bet between Scott Stapp and Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger, in which Kroeger wagered that Stapp could never create a sound that was an even bigger insult to music than his own shit band. Stapp won the bet by creating the exact same band as Nickelback, only with the added twist of throwing Jesus and Christianity into the mix.

Tragically, the shitfest was cut short when God, furious at having his name attached to such a mockery as Creed, smote Stapp, resulting in the ultimate breakup of the band.
Creed was the primary inspiration for Eric Cartman's Christian rock band, Faith + 1.
by hkkdsfued May 7, 2006
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1) A belief, usually religious
2) A "band" made of shitty musicians who think they're good. Lead singer Scott Stapp was thrown out of college for drug usage. Became famous only by pretending to be Pearl Jam. Their original bassist was fired because he wanted a fair share of their profit. They claim to be Christian only when it's convenient. Tied with Limp Bizkit in Guitar World's "Worst Band of 2003" contest. Unofficially broke up after a December 2002 show where Scott Stapp showed up wasted. Members currently making solo albums which I personally hope flop.
Creed fan #1: Oh my God! Creed is sooooo good!
Creed fan #2: I know! They're such good Christians!
Real Music fan: You do know that Creed knocked off Pearl Jam and that Scott Stapp was thrown out of college for drug usage, right?
Creed Fan #1 and 2: Who's Pearl Jam? A Creed knockoff?
by Matt March 23, 2004
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a sexual move in which a dude is really fucking a chick, like really, gettin all kinky and shit, making her moan and ooze her guts out, and when he's about to cum, he goes over to the computer and finds his favorite Creed song and jerks himself off.
Dude, Marissa is sooo hot, and I fucked her ragged, but you know me: I gots ta Creed.
by CCRer August 23, 2011
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Creed, a big pitbull, also the owner of YourRAGE (Josh)
Creed have you walked Josh yet?

Creed: ARF ARF
by Eysu July 3, 2021
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If you know someone named Creed, tell him that his name is very unique, and that he stands out from the crowd because he himself is unique. The most friendliest and outgoing person you will ever meet, Creed will say hi to you, even if you have just met him the day before. Creed is a leader because he is not afraid to speak up and take initiative. Creed is an ally, because even though he has so much going on, he will still stick by your side and help you through your problems. Creed is super duper smart, and also polite to everyone.
Creed: Hey Avery, I love your outfit!
Avery: Creed, you are so kind and sweet. Thank you!
by amazing.dreamergirl September 25, 2019
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The last sound millions of teenagers and adults alike have heard before pulling the trigger
Victim: I'm fine I can work through this, there are other ways.

Creed comes on radio

by Luke1989 February 19, 2009
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Many people say Creed sucks, but they're just closet fans
by TrueVoice December 31, 2009
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