A generous hetero mix of crack and weed.

T: what you smokin?
S: Creed!
T: What the hell?
S: Crack and Weed!

Jimmy smokes creed every morning before taking his kids to school.
by SuSpense May 02, 2006
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The best band to come out in the 90's. Saved Rock n Roll. Like what Corey Taylor from Slipknot stated in an interview 'You don't sell out concerts, meet millions of fans and go platinum if your music sucks. Period." Meaning that Creed does not suck. Of course, saying a band sucks is an opinion, but it is very difficult to say Creed sucks. Considering they sold 30 mil for 3 albums most by any band, billboard had the for best band of the year 5 times. And many other awards Creed won. Like I said, it is an opinion to say a band sucks, but saying Creed sucks is like saying Metallica or The Beatles suck.
Creed, great music, musicm saved music, higher, artist of the year, band of the year
by trojannation3333 September 02, 2008
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A generous puddle of smegma, fecal matter and anal lubricant left on the carpet during a homosexual orgy.
What the hell you fags? Who left this puddle of creed on my floor? It smells horrendous!!
by lolcreedsux March 24, 2007
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One's religious beliefs. Usually onl refering to someone following a denomination of Christianity.
Looks like that chicken shit imitator is at it again. I shall ream his ass with a blitzkrieg of buggery.
by Gumba Gumba April 13, 2004
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(v) to creed: The act of altering the preferences of an unattended computer or open facebook account to reflect a fictional and unhealthy fixation with the band Creed. Popular methods include changing an individual's desktop to a picture of the band, or listing Creed as their religious preference on facebook.
Emma left her facebook open so obviously we had to creed her.

I left my computer for a minute and Dom creeded the hell out of it.

Evan suffered two creedings in one day. Someone should stay with him tonight.
by DonDiego July 12, 2008
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1: a group of beleaves
2: a great rock band
"not to discriminate by race,sex or creed"
"creed rock man!"
by jacks August 03, 2003
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A true band, not like other bands who are all made of people who can't play instruments. Their vocalist is awesome and hot, their guitarist and their drummer kick ass, and their songs are beautiful. They don't sing about God, really, and the guitarist doesn't believe in organized religion, anyway.
They sing songs about happiness and inspiration, and recovering from hopelessness, even though most of the melodies are very dark-sounding.
by Theaphelia September 13, 2003
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