Pravda, translated as "Truth" in Russian was the newspaper historically controlled, state-owned and published by the Communist USSR Government as a propaganda machine to spread pro-communist views.

Since the fall of the USSR, the term in now commonly used on media(s) that tend to be too biased towards a political party/agenda, and are at times so skilled in propagation that people are convinced that they are "balanced and fair" editorials/news.

Alternatively, this term may also refer to media(s) state-owned by the government/ruling party in certain countries, allowing little chance for the opposition to express their views as they are usually censored as such.
by mailer_diablo October 22, 2004
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45 feels we have proven that we love his lies and so the Pravda President will “win” the 2020 Election by blatantly buying up the American press and purporting to win by the biggest electoral landslide in history.
by Dr Bunnygirl September 7, 2019
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Public media rephrased as Public Pravda, is a national Public Service TV, financed by tax or mandatory charge, which supposedly should be without political influence, but is not.
Did see on Public Pravda news that migration in Europe is a good affair for all countries that allow them in. - Must be good news for Greece, a couple of million migrants with low education will make miracle for their non existent economy ...
by Shoreline1 April 3, 2017
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