people who suck ass, musically and form a group. thus, combining their non existent abilities for numerous reasons.

Jimmy: "yo man, i am making this HXC band, want to join?"

Mattie: "chyea man thats X-CORE!!! but i don't play any instruments"

Jimmy: "it doesn't matter man, neither do i. it cant be hard though. if you cant play an intrument you could just yell into a microphone."

Mattie: "yea man good thinking. and we will play shows and people will like us."
at show dude1: does this shit even follow a beat?

dude2: no.. it doesn't, why did i pay to see this:S

dude1: LOL man, that guy is wearing chick pants!

dude2: shit balls thats funny, look at him he looks so funny trying to be HXC.

dude1: yea dude, this is a shitty band
by purgethefall March 10, 2008
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Any band that you feel makes noise and not music.
Dom: Wheres other Dom and Joe?

Jason: Theyve gone to that gig to see shitty shitty band band

by Jasandy Dunkirk November 1, 2008
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