1. to defend ones self against an attack
2. to wank somebody off
dave: if two blokes attacked you would you beat them off?
janet: yes i would beat them both off
by adam h March 01, 2005
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when man is horny and taks it off his bake buy beating off
ohh dam she was fine i am going to beat off now
by andy January 18, 2004
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when you cruisn' and a friend/or enemy pulls up too you and you see who has the loudest music.
yeah.. beth my bass is louder.. you just got served!!
by red fan.. hell no July 20, 2004
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1) Slang term for male masturbation.

2) Grasping a penis, then stroking vigorously in and up and down motion in order to produce an orgasm. Usually accompanied by ejaculation of semen.

See also: jerking off; jerkin the gherkin; jacking off; wanking; whacking off; beating your meat; chocking your chicken; spanking the monkey; slapping the salami; tickling the pickle
When your little brother is taking three showers a day, each for 45 minutes...he’s probably beating off!
by Cappy1 July 10, 2018
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