1. to defend ones self against an attack
2. to wank somebody off
dave: if two blokes attacked you would you beat them off?
janet: yes i would beat them both off
by adam h March 01, 2005
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a guy, generally who has overly-done hairdos, tight shirts and general metrosexual tendencies. Stuck-up and most likely drives a nisan and listens to terrible dance music and gets their eye brows down.
Jeez, that dude is the biggest frickin' beat-off on earth..He's wearing girl pants for christs sake!
by daveydeadite May 16, 2005
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when playing halo, or any game for that matter, and you and your opponent melee eachother to death simultaneously.
ha ha, man i almost killed that cunt but instead we beatoff
by bearcapitan October 24, 2009
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When two guys stand face to face, with a third guy in between them jacking off both guys at the same time. The first guy to jizz wins the prize of getting a cold, metal dildo
Jason won beat off when tony gave him a hand job that he couldnt resist
by ,aw3t68936 June 16, 2009
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1. A total loser; a completely pathetic and lame person, usually obvliious to how much balls they suck.
THis can also be used as an adjective.
"That dude over there thinks he's hot shit, but he's a total fucking beat-off."
"Yeah, man. This party is totally beat-off"
by Crambrose E. Burnside November 13, 2006
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