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The EPITOME of awesomeness! Pure 80s radicalness that no modern "hip-hopper" will ever be able to surpass. Spinnaaaaz, flavor of the week ebonics, MTV videos with bling and other faggotry are no match for the Dave and all his underground toughness. Dave punches a fist of raw fockin' FURY right through all that wankery.
Devastatin Dave nailed my sister and didn't give a fuck. ... and I still think he's AWESOME!
by Bob Saget April 24, 2005

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1. A fine example of how horribe popular music today is, and how a majority of Americans have no taste in music.

2. A band for retarded people that is fronted by a piece of shit wannabe who thinks he's a badass and tries to right serious, emotional music for queers to beat off to.
Q: How do you drown the lead singer of Creed?
A: tie a mirror to the bottom of the ocean.
by Bob Saget December 28, 2003

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The pain and suffering faced by white people every day.
Fuck you nigga, I can too jump! At least I aint a nigger you fuckin black darkness nigga! White Struggle!
by Bob Saget April 18, 2005

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Noun - an event that takes place at a bar when you have struck out all evening and need to score. At this time you start looking for any member of the opposite sex to mack on and try to hook up with
Last night I was at the bar and it was the bottom of the ninth so I hooked up with some coyote just to get some.
by Bob Saget May 06, 2005

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What you call plaid when you pay too much for it.
Ohh plaid interior. No its burberry
by bob saget March 26, 2004

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The incorrect spelling of "teeth". Not a very common error, but error nontheless.
Person A: My teath are white.
Person B: No, your teeth are white
by bob saget July 08, 2004

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the number one solution to being obese
mmmmmmmmm doughnuts
by bob saget June 21, 2004

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