To confront someone with the intent to embarrass them (see moded)
Timmy was bragging about how he took out Billy's girlfriend, and Billy stepped to him and fronted him
by Stacy November 14, 2002
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Front means: When you have sex facing your partner; changing sex position from back to front.
Girl: When I front/fronting I get freakier.

Man: Yeah man, when she front/fronting... GOD DAMN!
by MyGirlKitty June 18, 2020
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Put on a fake or false personality; not keeping it real.
Don't front.
by thug4life September 29, 2002
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to rob, bully, or verb someone. No matter what the case, frontin on somebody always has something to do with confronting them in some way. It comes from the word front, which means acting like something you aren't. So "fronting on" somebody is basically trying to make yourself look greater than you really are at the expense of that other person.
C.L. untouchable, with the clip full / Impossibly, the posse can't front on me!

- Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth "Cant Front On Me"
by TheBx41 September 18, 2012
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Acting like you are more, or you have more than what really exists.
Casey drove around the rented car acting like it was hers. She was straight fronting.
by Stacy November 14, 2002
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When someone pretends or fakes a response. A pretense at not caring.
It seems like John isn't pissed that his girlfriend went to Mexico without him.

Nah, it's a front. He's pissed.
by venusdmoola October 18, 2010
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A facade. Appearing one way, but really acting another. Misrepresnting yourself.
Ellen, the same one from Walnut Creek, best not front when she tells me she has something for me!
by The Third Roomate November 26, 2002
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