What's with the imitators here? Why are people using my name to say shit about creed? WTF is going on with these donky schlong suckers?
Madi- fuck you

Everyone else- fuck you

Gumba Gumba (the other prick posting as me) - fuck you. A lot. Very hard. Where do you live?
by Gumba Gumba April 12, 2004
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The greatest of all great, a natural born badass. A creeds offspring shares the same qualities as the paternal parent. There are only a few in the world. you wouldn't want to cross paths with a creed on a bad day.
Creed is a badass
by Natural born badass June 23, 2017
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Jimmy broke his arm today. His arm is creed.

Crutches are "Creed sticks"
by Jake Day August 15, 2006
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sok. she said you were crap neway. btw look up stapleton for definition of YOUR mum.
creed are cool - and if its people with a name like dangerous G that diss em - i figure that they vant b tht bad after all. agreed - subject closed.
by madi April 01, 2004
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Someone who excels at being the kind of person who walks into a room and you think "Fuck this guys here" and proceed to do everything in your power to avoid them.
Is that kid Alex Lester here? He is such a creed we need to get away from him
by Alex Luster November 28, 2018
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A hard tough man who can open a jar of pickles by using his pinky finger.
A hard drinker.
Man #1: Stop drinking that gallon of jack Daniels or you will be a creed.
Man #2: Fuck off before I remove your pac user.
by Insannnnnnity June 26, 2018
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that one friend who steals your shit. you love them anyways but can never trust them to not swipe your money or belongings. (Giuliana, but sometimes Camilla)
God damnit Delaney do you know where my foundation went? "No sorry, creed probably has it."
by kelly kippur February 28, 2018
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