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Known as the city of culture. Mixed with loads of people from different ethnics. It does have many famous backgrounds the football team was good back in the day. It's had a part of film history recorded there such as the Italian job, nativity, world war 2 documentrys... Many more.

Coventry is a known area during world war 2. most notable for the famous city's cathedral bombing. Also famous for thy lady godiva. The city also full of university accommodation/ university students. It is like the old saying a concrete jungle. Has a very good mixed range of music taste you'll hear loads.

Now the city is also known to be full of chavs, Has a high rate for stabbing/robberies. High crime rates. A lot of drugs running around. If you are also from Coventry you will hate the ring road and junction 3 via m6/A444. The worst bit is it's known for areas fighting fighting each other. (Sometimes even at there own football games) yep there are alot of fights... but well that is Coventry you don't mess with them people. Also known for the chavvy accent. (Cov accent sounds slightly american/British/Chavvy mix blend to it) but not everybody is like that only a Coventry geeza. It ain't really slang all the time well depends on who you meet really.

Overall over all the doom and gloom can be a nice city not everybody is bad. it is a standard city on the upgrade.
Someone from Coventry normal accent
"Ey up mate what time is it"
"Ey up pal where can I catch the 13 buzz from"

Typical cov chav normal accent. Normally youth
"Yes then brav wat ya saying"
"Yo dat girl is piff ya dun know"
"Yo pass me the zoot fam"

"That geeza got lynched ennit"

Normal cov people bit more older
"Yes mate lets go fatty Island"
"Fuck me mate that was buzzin"
"You alright derick"

"You're looking pretty dappa"
"Omg mate that was sick not gunna lie"

"Ey up mate fancy going bull and butcher for something to eat."

"Hello duck"

"Need to go get some fuel"

"Catch you later buddy off to central 6 off with the misses to get some clothes"
by Gangster 1 of da best yet full December 21, 2019
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A city in the West Midlands. Some may call it a concrete jungle but its until you walk into the City Centre to see its a really nice place, the people are friendly and its actually safe to walk through in broad daylight (unlike Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester and other areas in the West Midlands). Its true that people say we are a minority of chavs, but its true Leicester (a city with a similar population count) have more chavs living there. Home to an under-achieving football team and a poor Rugby team, but the best Ice Hockey and Speedway teams in the UK. If you wish to live in the Midlands, Coventry is the place to be.
Guy 1. Hi, where are you from?
Guy 2. Coventry, how about you?
Guy 1. Coventry? What a horrible place! Birmingham is better.
Guy 2. At least we can actually walk through the City Centre at 9:00am and not get shot...
by Coventrian January 14, 2008
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Coventry, a large town located in Rhode Island filled with nothing but fast food restaurants, walmart, cvs, and a super stop and shop. The majority of coventry kids attend coventry high school, a recently renovated disgusting building which is filled with trailer park trash, hippies,ghetto thug wannabes, and the group of upper middle class kids who think they own the ground everyone walks on. Since there is so much to do in this town, (sense the sarcasm), everyone of those groups just named also qualify for the pothead group. Parties are usually located at Carbunkle, or at a random house in western with a woodsie backyard (although that statement pertains to almost every house in "c-town") Those kids who live in coventry but have attended a private school, they are the kids you used to be friends with, until they became better than you. The only time you will see these kids is at a dance, or when they are looking for one of the CHS keggers in the woods. If you live in coventry, your friends are in coventry.. no where else, people who live here dont get out much... unless ur lookin to pull a hey buddy at an out of town liquor store.
out of towner,"Oh, your from the sticks"
coventry res.,"ha, Yeah, why?"
out of towner,"What is there do there, i hear u guys go cow tipping..."
by IceSk8er September 07, 2005
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A city in the middle of England. Everyone thinks its full of chavs and concrete. It isn't. Visit it before you make assumptions. Much nicer than Manchester or Birmingham. Coventry has the best ice hockey team in England. Footbal is rubbish though.
Out of Towner - I don't wanna go to Coventry!
Coventry person - I don't know why. Its cool.
by sparkletangerine August 22, 2007
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Coventry is a city located in the West Midlands, England. It's not a bad place, although there is a large infestation of 'Chavs' which is why Coventry has been nicknamed 'Chaventry' But it's not Chavnetry at all, its just Coventry thank you very much. The indie scene has hit Coventry over the last year, and as you walk through the lower precient, a bright sight of high waisted, scruffy haired, polka dot wearing indie cindys will usually greet you. We like to think of Coventry as a place full of tallent, and we've got proof! The Enemy and The Specials are both from Coventry and are both really sucessful in the music industry. The indie scene of Coventry hopes to banish the Chavs still making the McDonalds look untidy.
mc shitter: "I iz from Chaventry, iz it."
josh: "It's Coventry mate, now please take you and your chav friends and go to Birmingham, maybe?"
by the annoymous kid August 08, 2008
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A cold and brutal concrete jungle classified as a city due to it's cathedral in the centre of England. Basically you don't wanna go there. Think of it as an English Kosovo.
"This place is a right shithole, where am I, Coventry?"
by Jojo Le Funk March 24, 2005
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