A Word used to describe a male, independent of race or creed, a bit like bloke. Used more so in the south of England (i.e London) can be used in both a friendly and agressive manner.
Alright Geezer.....

That F*ing geezer has f*cked me right off.
by Matt Richards October 9, 2003
person 1: "what you all drinking?"
person 2: "we drinking that geeza.."
by pbroots March 8, 2011
The term geeza is also used to describe the A. I. (Artificial Intelligence) in the classic war simulation game for the PC/Console called 'Operation Flashpoint.'
Holy sh*t soldier! There's a squad of 8 geezas standing over there by the barracks. One grenade will take the whole feckin' lot out...throw dat biatch!!!
by Assbuster January 23, 2004
Old english slang, referring to someone who has either just done something stupid, wrong, or done something to someone. Also spelt geezer, geezar.
"he cheated on the table then nicked me beer, so I smacked the geeza in the side o' the gob!"
by Wise Guy Jay September 16, 2005
I wish I was a stringeeeeeeeeeey geeza.
by Clarkeeeeeey June 20, 2016
As one of the most dangerous and wealthiest crime family’s in the world. The Geeza name comes with a heafty reputation. No member has ever been caught by authorities. The Geeza Crime Family is believed to have multiple facilities around the world where they control their business. The family is a myth among everyone as they have never been seen in person. It is nearly impossible to join the family, you would have to display immense trust and would have to be approved by the founders. The founders are known as some of the most powerful people in the world. Some people say that the family is watching everything we do. Some compare the family to the eleged “Illuminati.” The family is feared by gangs and the government. The Geeza Crime Family is the most powerful organization in the world.
by TheDonOfAllDons March 1, 2019