There is no reason you should not do something.
Me es igual si lo hago. Por eso, pienso hacerlo.
No me costaría nada hacerlo. Por eso, pienso hacerlo.
Since I have to wait, I might as well sit down and relax.

It makes no difference whether you steal a lamb or a sheep, so you might as well steal a sheep.
by Hal King March 14, 2007
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Doing an action, when you don't feel like doing it...
i don't feel like having sex right now...umm might as well
by A.I November 7, 2006
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a phrase used by a girl who is never satisfied.
girl: mmmmmmm might as well never come home

boy: okay i was at work

girl:mmmm i might as well dig your grave since you are never here
by salbltrn May 28, 2012
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A term used when you are in a situation where killing yourself in the head with a shotgun seems like a reasonable idea. Can be used in a country accent. Relatable to FML...
Addie- Oh my GAWD everyone hates me!
by J Schillz April 28, 2011
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when a guy is balding or his hairline is receding, so he just shaves the whole thing because he'd "might as well" just shave the whole thing.
jane: "whoa! what happened? your comb over... it's gone!"

john: "yep, I finally accepted the fact that I'm no Amy Winehouse, and went for the might-as-well shave."
by chavalita January 24, 2008
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Used when some one has been slaking off to explain what else they could have been doing. Synonym for procrastinating. Comes from "The Crucible" by arthur miller where John Proctor is accused of plowing on sunday.
Example 1:
P1: "Dude i spent all night watching tv instead of doing my english home work."
P2:"Idiot you might as well have been plowing on sunday"
Example 2:
P1: "Wanna hang out tomorrow?"
P2: "I might as well plow on sunday."
by BurnBB April 11, 2011
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something to mutter to oneself when held hostage behind 'snail' driver!!
a turtle could smoke that fuck!...might as well get out and walk!
by michael foolsley November 27, 2009
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