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A city in the East Midlands of the United Kingdom, the sole purpose of which is to confuse Americans by its pronunciation. Also used to breed traffic lights; however, the harvest has been considerably delayed and so is now overrun by them.
Can you tell me the way to Lie Ses Ter?
That's "Lester"...

There's Leicester go there for that anywhere else
by Smite the Unbeliever March 09, 2011
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Leicester, a city known for LCFC, and Leicester Tigers.

But, if you live here, it is known for chavs, slags and the highcross.

It has some wildlife, some very nice. It also has some really dodgy places to avoid at night.

Leicester was amazing until our generation -.-
Leicester - a city in Leicestershire, England.
Chav - scum of the earth, wears tracksuits, eats kebabs.
Slags - have hoop earrings, fake tan and boobs out.
Highcross - an amazing shopping centre.
by @LirielleSykes May 24, 2011
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leicester home to a good rugby team and an under acheiving football team. unlike other cities in the midlands (nottingham and birmingham) it is safe to walk through it with out body armour. once home to the legendary Martin O'Neil and Englebert Humperdinck lives nearby.
Leicester is the best city in the midlands.
by parappa April 25, 2005
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Leicester is a pretty nice, safe place according to everyone else.

It isnt.

We're nick named Spit City, Chav Central and Illegal Immigrant Capital; all true. The ratio of outsiders to native Leicesterians is severly one sided to the former, which wouldnt really be a bad thing if they werent rude, didnt barter in department stores and actually learnt how to drive instead of stealing their drivers license out of a cereal box.

The roughest place is probably Braunestone, more specifically, 'Dodge'. Do not even get a bus through the place without having 999 dialed into your phone and your thumb above the call button, as you will not get through without some form of verbal and physical abuse.

Most of us have developed an inability to speak properly, now calling where we live 'Lesta' and using phrases such as 'thats bad man, init'. We have a huge teenage pregancy rate and I warn you not to go to any parks, as there is almost always someone being licked out or getting pregnant in a bush or on a bench of some description.

Most people are illiterate, reaching ages of up to 14 without even picking up a book that doesnt have pictures in or isnt Nuts. This results in the majority of people on council estates living off benefits, which is normaly fraudulant anyway.

Besides that, we gave England Gary Lineker, comprehensive schools, Leicester Tigers and finger print testing for the police, detectives, etc...the only half decent contribution to the country our little city has made
Please dont make me move to Leicester. I'll be spat on by chavs and gangsta wannabes.
by alltimeblow December 29, 2010
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Leicester is the furthest place away from the sea in england.The main Ethnic groups in the city center are the Indians, the somalians, the native english, the eastern europeans,russians and other ethnic minorities.There are some ruff estates like highfields and northfields but ther are also some nice areas like wigston and oadby although they are slowley becoming less attractive due to immigration and gang troubles.Most large gangs come from Highfields, Saffron lane, Braunstoneand Evington.
Leicester has the biggest market in europe apparently even though i never thought it was that big.
by leicester badman February 27, 2008
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A city that has some nice parts and some not so nice. Some good shops but not really as good as Birmingham or Nottingham. A lot of non-english people. Most of them are nice but there is a small minority that are quite rude. Some don't even bother learning the language. Leicester has a very good rugby team, and a football team with a good stadium for a championship team, and a rich chairman that's too tight to get his cheque book out.
Guy 2: You from Leicester?
Guy 2: Yeah, you are as well.
Guy 1: How do you know?
Guy 2: Every other place in England uses nouns!
by Woofwoofwoofysback! November 18, 2007
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the largest city in the east midlands, leicester is rumored to be a relatively safe city, this is not the case - mainly because people base their opinion on leicester centre which is nice, nobody ever travels out of the centre into areas such as highfields, evington, beaumont leys, anstey, new parks, eyres monsell, aylestone, belgrave, braunston, new found pool, st matthews, knighton or pretty much anywhere else which are not so nice.

leicester has a lot of different gangs, mainly based in those areas, as well as a lot of postcode related gang violence, particularly between le4 and le7 as well as le4 and le3, le2 is also involved in regular violence. some try to use the leicester dialling code 0116 as a gang, although the fact that there is only 3 dialling codes in leicestershire and the other two are both in the countryside this doesnt work at all.

many of the crimes commited in leicester are violent or robberies, as well as drug related.
leicester, the most underrated place in the UK.
by chrischrischris April 21, 2008
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