A place for hookers/sluts/whores, or anyone just lookin' for fun. Usually very busy and popular. The Speedway is normally in business anywhere from midnight to 5am. If you plan on attending one of Speedway's nightly orgies, rapes, are one-on-ones, be careful. It's some seriously fucked up shit. Entire bathrooms and offices have been redone in the past due to "work related incidences". Speedway does, in fact, take coupons. Be sure to leave tips!
"So, what'd you do last night?" "I don't fuckin' know, I just woke up naked on a street corner with a coupon stuck up my ass cheeks." "Awesome! You were at Speedway, too?!"
by YOWADDUPHOMIEG January 28, 2011
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Mate, I gave it to her up the speedway so hard last night, she screamed for a donkey punch.
by Bigday December 12, 2003
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The act of inserting PVC pipe into a butt and rapidly firing hot wheels cars down the pipe into the gaping butt hole
Amy was giving me trouble so i Shanghai Speedwayed her ass and she lightened up real quick
by Dale Earnhart, too soon? January 24, 2010
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the 1/4 mile asphalt track located in rural sayre alabama where you go to watch a fight and a race breaks out. also known as the south's action track
"man, my car got fucked up at sayre speedway last night"
by buzzracer32 October 12, 2008
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The oldest track on the NASCARSprint Cup Calender. It is also where Brian Vickers got Vickerism.
I love the racing at Martinsville Speedway.
by Brian Vickers Sucks November 15, 2011
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A popular phrase that refers to acts of anal penetration. See also up the pumper and up stinkhole cove
"Yo man, like I was sayin', Tamsin refused to take it up the pumper or up stinkhole cove, but man she couldn't say no to a little chocolate speedway!"
by Mark November 23, 2003
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