a high school located in sewell new jersey. its nowhere near an accomplishment to graduate from this place. if you don't come out of there without a soul, your leaving with a degree in prostitution. theres way too many bomb scares, the fire alarm is always broken, everyones on drugs, everyone drinks smirnoff and acts like they're drunk, police show up at every football game, the 11/12 building never has air conditioning/phone service, and every girl in the school basically needs a good mauling with a baseball bat.
ciamp: oh hey lets go push that township whore down the stairs
andrew: yeah!!!
by ciamp October 12, 2008
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The township is the best thing to ever hit the world. It has its own theme song, mascot, cookie, and dance (the fist bump). It was formed on Cape Cod MA but will travel to Rhode Island to get Hot Dogs at 12:30 am. There are no limitations to the township and it will forever rule the world.
Shawn: Is this part of the township
Bryan: We are the the township
by BWest829 December 9, 2010
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A township in Erie full of wannabe rich people who think they are everything. People in Millcreek mostly listen to shitty rap music because they think they are thugs. Most every white kid in Millcreek acts black and tries to fight every person they see. Everybody in Millcreek brags about money that they don’t have. Kids in Millcreek act like they live in the hood when their is no crime going on. Everybody in Millcreek would also make fun of you for living in an apartment or even a trailer park.
You know they are from Millcreek Township if they are driving a BMW and thinks it’s a Lamborghini.
by theguythatlivesineriepa December 9, 2019
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1. A suburb of Detroit

2. Referred to by locals as "The Twip"

3. A place that despite its rapidly growing population offers nothing interesting to do at all
Nick: Hey, wanna do something tomorrow?
Kelsie: Like what? We live in Shelby Township.
Nick: Oh yeah...
by Muffinsami January 29, 2009
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A school in Lancaster,PA full of white rich kids who try to act ghetto but fail and ultimately end up embarrassing themselves. Teachers are dickheads and students are the most egotistical people on earth.
Person #1: “yo that guy is a douchebag

Person #2:”yea they go to Manheim Township”

Person #1: “oh shit, that makes sense
by iOnlySpeakFax December 11, 2018
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the school that makes the kids go to school in -3 degrees. does township know how many walkers we have? Township is actually trying to get sued cuz when kids walk outside they got frostbite. it’s your fault township all yours.
oh yeah Manheim Township, the school that gave their kids frostbite. i heard bout that...
by Townshipstudent January 31, 2019
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A tiny town in Morris County, NJ. Full of rolling lawns, milling alpacas, which are commonly mistaken for llamas, although there are a couple llamas, too. And some sheep. There are farms, many pretty houses, an pre-k thru 8th grade school, a ridiculous amount of bears, deer, and squirrels, a mountain (supposedly haunted by an indian cult), a park, half a restaurant, half a strip mall, a private airfield, like five historic houses, some soccer fields, part of the underground railroad, a "private club" (basically a tiny muddy lake full of screaming children and leeches), a crazy rehab center (that claims to be a hospital) LOTS of treeeeees, and a bank. There is no high school, no sidewalks, no library, no streetlights, only one four way intersection (called by the locals "Four Corners"), no ice cream truck (we used to have one but they got rid of it and ruined all the little children's lives), no cell service in the majority of the town, no movie theatre, and no pizza place. The people there are old and conservative, and all own dogs. Every kid goes to the same school for at least nine years and get sick of each other. Overall, its a wonderful place to live.
Dude 1: Where do you live?

Dude 2: Boonton Township?

Dude 1: Never heard of it.
by i<3alpacas(not_llamas) April 29, 2010
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