A disputed territory/partially recognized state between Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, and Montenegro. Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in February of 2008. Serbia does not approve of Kosovo's declaration of independence.
Kosovo is a disputed territory.
by Jirachion7060 May 28, 2018
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A new country in the Balkan Peninsula. Declared Independence from serbia on February 17, 2008, after many many years of fighting against fucking serbia.
Kosovo/a is the greatest country alive with the greatest people, except for the serbian asses who wont leave and think that Kosovo/a is serbian....haha stupid idiots.
by Shqipja tjeter May 26, 2009
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Kosovo is part of Serbia that wants to be a separate country. Kosovo has always been part of Serbia, and there are some of the oldest Serbian churches that are currently under protect, they are about 90% of oldest saved Serbian culture.

For people who say Kosovo is part of Albania, they are deadly wrong. if you dig a bit in history, you will find that Albania was part of Serbia that under the influence of big powers became separate country. Great powers tryed to prevent Serbia from getting powerful.

Kosovo is now days (October '11) trying to get their own country by blocking roads and using warnings. Since Serbia (along with couple other countries, for ex: Russia) said they will never support idea of Kosovo becoming country, the "case" will be open for a long time.
Kosovo will never be its own.
by Luxx44 November 3, 2011
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A country in Southeastern Europe inhabited by Albanians which are descendants of Illyrians. Kosovo was called Dardania in the Middle Ages and Dardans were one of the many Illyrian tribes who inhabited most of the Balkans.
Serbs came to Balkans in 8th century and later they formed their nation. In the beginning of the 20th century they tried every possible way to invade Kosovo and they did this but they lost it in 1999 after the war between Serbia and Kosovo Liberation Army with the help of NATO who bombed Serbia from March 23 to June 10, 1999.

There are a lot of Churches build by Albanians in the 7th, 8th and 9th century but Serbs invaded most of them in the last century when they conquered Kosovo just to convince Europe that they were living in Kosovo for a long time.
90% of the people in Kosovo are Albanians but there are some Serbs, Romani, and some other small minorities but only Albanians are Autochthonous.
Yes Man. He is an Albanian from Kosovo, descendant of Illyrians, he is livingin Ballkans for more then 4000 years
by Ardiano January 6, 2018
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What belonged to someone until he/she destroyed it and some other person repaired it and the person who use to have the land/object is bitching against the new owner.
Example : Kosovo used to belong to Serbia and
Serbia completely raped Kosovo in the war. So
the Albanians ''repair'' Kosovo and later Kosovo declared independence and Serbia was mad because they used to be a part of Serbia but Kosovo said ''You raped my lands so screw you!'' *Serbia cries*
by Matrosnic July 25, 2008
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Kosovo is a province in southern Serbia. It is Serbian, until it claims its independence, which surely is going to happen.

There was a big battle of Kosovo in 1389, where both Serbian and Turkish emperor lost their lives.

The Serbs anticipate that event very much.

Kosovo is, though, the center of drug dealing, sex trade, weapon black market, etc, for all the other countries in the world, e.g. USA, as one of the biggest.

People that live there are popularly called Shiptars. They often don't have power, water, homes, education, teeth or anything else.
'Kosovo is Serbia' (Kosovo je Srbija) - often used by patriots that don't want its independence. Seen in almost every graffiti art in Serbia.
by I love Coldplay! October 18, 2011
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An alcoholic mixed drink consisting of Kiwi Strawberry juice and cheap vodka (esp. Popov).
"I got so shitty off Kosovo last night."
by 2-1-3 March 27, 2010
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