I live in the Willoughby Walk building in Langley BC Canada. It is a real shithole
by pixilatedly May 4, 2020
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A really bad place or building, especially somewhere undesirable to live or work.
You can only judge a shithole by the turds that pass through it.
by Jon K January 1, 2004
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(n.) A really, really crappy place to live. No pun intended. Well, maybe sorta.
"I hate living in this shithole!" "Oh, you're from the United States of America too?"
by Razukin December 2, 2002
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Current immigration policy of the United States that is now ok to say on open air TV.
Donald Trump does not want people coming here from shithole countries.
by Ignatz TC January 12, 2018
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derogatory term used to describe a filthy dwelling
that macintyres place in dunoon is a fucking shithole
by archie mccracken August 3, 2003
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I can't wait to get out of this shithole!
by pvtmcd April 30, 2008
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