What I would live the rest of my life on if I had enough money
Coke is the only reason I am going to college and want to get my doctorate so I can make millions and live on coke forever, it's not funny and I'm not joking.
by cam_fash April 13, 2005
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Extremely thick-lensed eyeglasses, commonly worn by nerdy, socially awkward people. If you look straight at someone who is wearing cokes, it appears as if their eyes are either larger or way smaller than they actually are. This is due to light refraction through the deep glass. Popular in decades past, eyeglass technology has come far enough that no one needs to be subjected to it anymore.
"Carl wore the worst cokes i've ever seen. He was really bad."
"I can't keep a straight face when looking at our science teacher, man, she's got cokes like it ain't no joke!"
"I feel kinda bad about it now, but when i was fighting with Sid i hit him hard in the eye and broke his cokes."
by Larry The Bus Driver November 03, 2006
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Always available at bars, both over the counter as a soft drink or mixer and everywhere from the guest lounge to the toilets.

Often the word media or media bar means coke freindly, due to the common opinion that any person working in the media profession is a coke user.
Man at bar: "Vodka and coke please, barkeep".
Barman "Do you want ice in that?"

Man at bar: "Gram of coke my good man."
Tense guy: "We ain't got any. You want ice instead?"
by dj_monged August 14, 2004
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An adorable girl who is super, uber kawaii :3
Nobody is as adorable as Coke
by Yes :3:3 November 10, 2020
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The white powder that I like to sniff up my nose.
Mmm that coke is good.
by WyndX April 14, 2003
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1.What kept Tony Montana standing in the last 10 minutes of "Scarface."

2.Warm, its the best rust remover on the planet. (Put a little Coke in a cup and put a nail or small piece of sandwich meat on top. In the morning, meat is gone, wipe off rust.)

3. More popular than you think. I mean cocaine.
I'd like the blue jeans,right? With my name, written on the back of chick's asses.
by FrankC March 17, 2004
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