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the infant form of bowser. He is portrayed as being more spoiled than evil. As you might have imagined, he exists in the times of baby mario. Yoshi typically fought him with the helpless infant mario on its saddle. B.B.'s guardian is Kamek the magikoopa. He has appeared in racing games like super mario kart and the final boss of yoshi in games like yoshi's island and yoshi's story. In "Yoshi's Island", in the final boss battle, you fight him as his regular self in his room in his castle, and the battle is surprisingly easy. As Yoshi is about to finish him off, Kamek sprays his magical power and turns baby bowser into Godzilla size. If you want to see the battle for yourself, please do the following:
1) go to www.yahoo.com
2) click the link that says "video"
3) type in "yoshi's island bowser"
4) it should then be the 4th link
baby bowser stands no chance against Yoshi.
by this website is ruined December 31, 2005
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was actually a hindu symbol of peace until that bitch adolf hitler took it, flipped it in a different direction, and claimed it was his. He took a great symbol and made it one of death and destruction
Whoever thinks the swastika is a nazi symbol is an idiot.
Whoever thinks the swastika is a hindu symbol is smart.
by this website is ruined January 5, 2006
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a word that means "new word". it comes from the Latin roots "neo"(meaning "new") and "log"(meaning "word"). the "ism" os not that important.
List of Neologisms:

all the names of pokemon are neologisms
by this website is ruined November 30, 2005
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see my definition for webonics:
d=|)or )
h=(-) or |-|
i=1 or ! or |
k=|( or -(
l=1 or ! or |
an example of a 1337 phrase:
(-)3!!0, 1 4|\/| 7¥p1|\|9 4 )3f1|\|1710|\| 0|\| |_|12134|\|)1710|\|412¥ !13( 4|\| 42|\|

Translation: Hello, I am typing a definition on urbandictionary liek an azn
by this website is ruined January 18, 2006
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1) A rectangular array of numbers or expressions. The plural is 'matrices'. An n x m matrix has n rows and m columns.

2) a movie
1) the typical matrix represented on a calculator:

1 0 0
0 1 0
0 0 1

2) The Matrix is a hella good movie!
by this website is ruined October 19, 2005
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short for street credibility
(n)- repsect from urban communities. usually something essential for making it big in the rap world. it is wrongly percieved as being a straight up gansta or committing crimes. street cred is something one can earn, even a rich kid or suburb-dweller. if you have went through a tough childhood or life but have worked hard to make something of yourself (like me), then you can earn street cred, even if you are not from the streets. if ghetto kids like a rap artist who started out rich, but rapped about important things in life and is simply a good rapper, then that rapper has street cred. if you buy a rap album just because the rapper is gansta, then you are fucked up.
a funny thing is, most street rappers are not that great, some of the greatest lyricists of all time were not always from 'tha ghetto'
non-ghetto/street rappers who have earned street cred:
the streets to some extent
kanye west
rakim one of the greatest lyricists, who cares if he is street?
vanilla ice not really, he lied about it
ja rule he was not straight up gangsta, but has still earned much street cred, which was unfortunately lost
by this website is ruined September 15, 2005
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