The name of the plant that Cocaine is made from.
Chewing ont he leafs of the coca plant is ok, but for the best effects make it into cocaine and sniff it.
by Sammi October 1, 2004
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The most extreme discipline of the Stoic school of philosophy. It encourages a life full of permanent abstinence and celibacy. That means that not even a kiss is tolerated. The point being that love and pleasure can distract your soul out of reaching The Truth of life.
persona1: So he rejected you??
persona2: Yeah he is a fossil you know. One of those Coca.
by dicgreyfox September 2, 2018
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Short form of Coca-Cola in Latin American countries; like saying "Coke" in English.
Haceme un trago de ron con coca.
Make me a rum and coke.
by RICdaSPIC March 1, 2005
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When feeling extremely cold that saying freezing wouldn't be close to describing the coldness.
Spyda- I felt Coca so I used your cloak to warm myself up.

Cellos- You should have used a sock dumbass!
by gamer3925 August 1, 2008
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Spanish slang for cocaine, probably the most popular fuel of the Spanish society.
La coca que compramos estaba cortada, era una mierda
The cocaine we bought was adulterated, it was plain shit

A los que van de coca, no se les empina
Those who consume cocaine don´t get hard-ons
by fonsucu June 13, 2008
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"Omg.. i went to this club last night to pick up chicks, but all i saw was COCA!!"
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Since the Peruvian natives chew on coca leaves to reduce the effects of altitude sickness, this racial slur was coined to refer to any Peruvians.
Jim: I've been wanting to go to Machu Picchu, do you know any coca chewers?
Trina: I heard that Art is Peruvian. I mean, look at his nose, it's obvious.
Jim: Yeah, those coca chewers need a larger schnoz to be able to breathe high up in those Andes mountains.
by dragonshade November 5, 2013
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