Modified coal used in steel making.
Coke is a black substance that you cannot snort.
by Marky April 29, 2003
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A tasty beverage loaded with Caffeine and Sugar to keep you energized.
Johnny loves drinking his Coke and playing World of Warcraft (TM).
by Stiggmata August 25, 2009
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1) a popular soda that got its name from the drug that was put in it when it was first made: cocaine. Nowadays, the soda has no drugs in it, so any one can safely drink it. Is apparently at "competition" with pepsi, but both are pretty much the same.
2) short for cocaine
3) a fuel/type of carbon
1) customer-"may i have some coke?"
waiter-"we don't have any. how about pepsi?"
2) coke is commonly used in drug-dealing
3) my car ran effeciently off that coke
by this website is ruined January 16, 2006
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One of four trademarks used by the Coca-Cola Company to identify their main product which is a sugary soft drink flavoured with cola nut and coca leaf extracts amongst other things. The other three marks that refer to the same product are the shape of a Coke bottle, the "dynamic ribbon device contour" and the word "Coca-Cola" which should always be hyphenated.

Coke is a brand name (that's why Pepsi - or any other cola drink isn't Coke. However order Coke in a bar and they'll often serve you any old rubbish in return for your cash.
by Chris Longley May 29, 2005
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A drug that's advertised for both kids and adults.
dad: "Yeah my 8 year old son addicted to coke, he always gets super hyper and yells out crazy shit whenever he uses it.
junkie: "Shit, for real?"
by Dubiks November 22, 2018
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A drink of cola Ex: Coca - cola
What are you getting sally? Well i am getting a coke bob.
by Anonymous September 18, 2003
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