A common technique used when drawing a penis. The foreskin is represented by two lines that separate the head from the shaft.
Hey Tony, did you see that dick someone drew on the board in the weight room? Yeah, it had two lines so I bet Paul drew it.
by ChrisSutton July 30, 2016
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When someone gets two blue lines it means they are pregnant
Hey (name) I heard you got two blue lines.Congrats

Hey (name) you got 2 Blue lines??? Ur mom is gonna kick you out
by Daisy x January 27, 2017
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The mark of being gay. One will put this mark oneself if he is joining the gay community.
Two lines on buzz cut on right side of head means ur entering the gay community
by Aspen95 June 27, 2010
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the excuse that is used during a conference call when the sound of a flushing toilet is heard in the background.
(sound of toilet flushing)
Bob: "What was that?"
John: "Sorry, I had to take a call on line two"
by PoorDavid January 13, 2012
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An allegory for gay sex between males.
Hey, I hear you guys were doing the two man conga-line after New Year’s
by toomanyducks June 20, 2019
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To indicate ones acceptance to take intercourse in the anus.
See those two lines in hair ? That dude fucks but he fucks dudes!
by Big head lg February 5, 2021
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A person that only uses 2 lines in their rap verses when freestyling/battling.
Matty: "Yo my name is Ed, I'll put you to bed......ohhhhhh what now, munse."
Sammy: "Dude you literally just made one rhyme, your such a Two-Line Ed."
by Samuel Adams Wisner September 22, 2010
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