100 - strangely, not 1000 - GB pounds sterling. Or any other currency for that matter.
from cockney dialect.
oi geez, lend us a ton?
by KRACKAA September 26, 2005
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The Ton is the village of Tongwynlais, a few miles north of Cardiff, Wales
Question: "where d'yuh live?"
Answer: "In the Ton"
by urbane gorilla July 11, 2005
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Cockney background (Way of speaking in London), Means One Hundred GBP (pounds)
"Oi mate, lend us a ton"
by Lissy November 01, 2004
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used excessively in the online poker community, meaning many, lots of, several, countless, etc etc (insert any synonym of your choice)
Fish: I was like so crushed in that hand!
Shark: No, you actually had a ton of outs!

Shark: Watching those poker videos has helped me a ton!

Shark: You don't have a ton of equity with 98s you fish!
by minraiselol June 27, 2011
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A FAT ASS such a large piece of shit that cant fit through dorways
by SHORTY May 22, 2003
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