The big purple thing from the old McDonalds commercials. Immortal. Arch-Nemesis of Officer Big Mac.
by Fireconverse November 21, 2004
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the big purple guy from mickey d's. he is actually supposed to represent a tastebud. imagine that!
a costumed guy dressed as the grimace knocked down a small child in the parking lot. hilarity ensued...
by da trick biatch January 17, 2006
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When an extremely fat or large pear shaped person wears too tight clothing. Typically the clothes are purple in color.
by mccoolio January 25, 2006
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i love grimace more then the hamburgerler.
by mr world. March 20, 2007
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1.The facial expression used when a person is in deep thought about something mischeivious.

2. A term for hanging out
Ramin: "What are you guys up too?"
Pollard: "We're gunna meet up and grimace i'll tell you fucking what"
by Kurdumbri February 21, 2011
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ASCII art depicting Grimace which is posted in the Starcraft 2 Beta forums, especially in threads where people are QQing about patch 13.

There are many variants of the Grimace, each will blow your mind significantly.
New thread: "I keep getting dropped from games. Any1 else experiencing this?"

Insert 20 grimace ASCII posts here
by Aoner May 23, 2010
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Grimace is a big, loving, fuzzy purple fellow who is Ronald McDonald's best friend. He's sure Ronald is the world's ultimate authority on everything. While Grimace loves all McDonald's foods, he's absolutely crazy about milkshakes. Grimace is very enthusiastic and eager to try new things. His joyous spirit helps everyone overlook the fact he's a little slow and clumsy sometimes.
-Can the motaba virus kill the Grimace?

-Nothing can kill the Grimace.
by bill March 09, 2005
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