1. Hard arse stimulant. White powder derived from the Coca plant, native of Sth. America. Very expensive but in small quantities is a fine buzz...

2. Short for Coca Cola - essence of American capitalist pigdog. Made from bumsweat and sugar.
by schteve April 01, 2003
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1. A white drug, that, if crushed properly, becomes an amazing powder-like substance of fun.
2. snorting should be done with a $20(or higher) bill rolled about .5 cm tight.
3. snort in fast straight lines for best results.(For advanced cokeheads, try writing your name w/ coke before snorting it!)
4. Those who cut coke w/ too much (or any) other substances then become shitty slangers.
Damn, your brother sold me some shitty coke last night... I want my money back!

I paid the whore in coke; the whore blew me, in return I gave her some blow.
by Zanderico M November 21, 2004
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the far superior to pepsi. i admit there are too many variations of coke now however the original can still own pepsi.
coke is the nectar of life needed for existence. it also used 2 contain cocaine and may still do as it is so addictive and beautiful. why have women when u can have a nice un-comlpicated can of coke
person1. dude this coke is shit compared 2 pepsi.
person2. u go to hell. thats blasphemy.
person1. fogrive me lord for ihave sinned
by antichristsuperstar September 22, 2005
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1. Any soda pop, a catch all slang term for carbonated drinks in general. Only fails to apply to Pepsi due to fierce product rivalry.
2. The actual product Coke a Cola.
3. Cocaine.
1. (assuming the person is holding a Dr. Pepper.) Hello friend might I have a sip of your coke?
2. (assuming they are holding Coke) Hello friend might I have a sip of your coke?
3. yo bitch might I have a snort of your coke?
by James Belvins February 20, 2007
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1. A remade steel product that is baaad to snort.
2. An illigal drug that brazillians take like sugar!
3. Short hand for coka-cola.
1. Whats that black round you nose?
2.Permite resfΓ΄lego algum cocaΓ­na!!
3. I tried to snort coke the other day, i got a ice cube stuck up my nose.
by GIGGLES May 03, 2005
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