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Also known as a relaxing wang, or one that is not erect
Hit her with the floppy, not the bona!
by pro-nun-see-A-shun May 24, 2003
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an idiot for even wanting an import when he could get a late 60's or early 70's muscle car instead.
"poor american ricer. why does he want to appear like one of those japjunk drivers? wow, he could've had a V8."
by pro-nun-see-A-shun June 2, 2003
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When netlag gets really bad, and delays between servers exceed a certain threshhold, the {IRC} network effectively becomes partitioned for a period of time, and large numbers of people seem to be signing off at the same time and then signing back on again when things get better. An instance of this is called a 'netburp' (or sometimes, netsplit).
*Netsplit Detected* @ChanServ has left the channel.
by pro-nun-see-A-shun July 5, 2003
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Another Run-of-the-mill automobile
"I spy with my little eye, something beginning with N."
"Correct! How'd you know?"
"We're in a Nissan parking lot"
by pro-nun-see-A-shun January 1, 2003
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Institution whose sole purpose is to convince poeple that they need it for some reason or another, ussually through degrading them and defining them as the unintelligent and treating them poorly when they do and do not buy in to what the place sells - this causing confusion makes poeple only quicker to grasp onto what it's selling just to make sense out of it's non-sense
12th grade student: hah! G.E.D. that's a good enough degree! i learned that in school, only idiots wouldn't go to school i know so because the school teachers are paid to tell me so, after all it's not like i could ACTUALLY learn anything without one of these institutions, i'm too stupid to, i know that cuz the teachers are always telling me that too! teachers are so smart, if they weren't then they wouldn't have done something so intelligent like taking on a really crappy paycheck just to teach me stuff! not like they'd be stupid enough to get a job doing something actually productive that actually paid well...
by pro-nun-see-A-shun July 12, 2003
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