Coal is known to be the opposite of gem on places like the far-right extremist forum Unlike gems, which are high quality and uncommon; and the average post, which is wholly average and neither coal nor gem; your average coalpost is a special combination of low quality and low effort. Coal does not serve any use for the community other than to occupy space that could have been a gem, making watchersby hopelessly lament what could have been. Coal is doubly detrimental because it floods gems off the board to be forever lost to continuous coal spam.
chud1: Have you seen my thread on the /kway/? (RIP)

chud2: Yes, it's coal.
by Yuri Kuznetsov May 2, 2023
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you better watch out santa's watching you masturbate in the washroom so if you keep it up you'll get a lump of coal for Christmas but hey, at least you can use it to cook things
by Young Reezie December 23, 2009
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Because cool just isn't cool and kewl is overused.
Random dude: Dude, look at my new pink T-Shirt!
Other dude: Dude, not coal...
by Arek. April 14, 2009
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hmm a non-renewable energy source!
flash1:buying coal 100 each
by bob-e September 30, 2004
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When it's in a mountain or the ground, it naturally filters everything out of water.
When it's extracted, the toxic metals and everything else that has been filtered out pollute the streams and rivers.
When it's processed, the hazardous waste is put back into the spent mines or in holes in the ground and it leaches into the groundwater.
This damages the health of the people in coal communities.
Not to mention it contributes to climate change!
Clean coal does not exist. Coal is not clean.
by K.N.O. August 3, 2010
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Transpiring from the word “cock” when one uses predictive text on their mobile phone whilst simultaneously being under the influence of alcohol.
Tucking in to Christmas dinner Gran mentioned she’d never had so much coal since granddad passed away.
by Tim Rascal September 22, 2007
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"don't be putting your coals out on my floor!"
by bludstone61 March 9, 2006
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