To stand in front of a gas station and/or a convince store for a long period of time. The more common store is 7-11, but it is much easier to Clerks-It at a shitty convince store that no one will care if you loiter.
"Hey Justin, I'm bored shitless. Let's go Clerks-It at the Ghandi Store."

"Goddamnit, I need some cigarettes. Let's go Clerks-It and try to get some drunk guy to buy us a pack."

"Hey, you know that 7-11 on 10th Ave, We Clerked the shit out of that mother fucker."
by Little Timmy Urine June 28, 2007
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One of the best cult classic movies of the 1990s. Clerks was written and directed by Kevin Smith, and was released in late 1994.
In my opinion, Randal is the funniest character in Clerks.

Randal: Have you ever wondered how much the average jizz-mopper makes per hour?

Dante: What's a jizz-mopper?

Randal: He's the guy that cleans up the nudie booth after each guy jerks off.
by Qbert May 16, 2004
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A low budget movie that made its way into mainstreem popularity and untimately became a cult classic. Go out and watch this movie right now.
by Mike Truitt June 12, 2003
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tHis is byfar one of the best Kevin Smith movies.
by FhillyMan September 10, 2003
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Often found in Law Offices, this master of the copier is also known as the Office Bitch. His tasks include copying, making coffee, running petty errands, collating documents and doing all the meaningless crap that the secretaries don't want to do. Generally a Clerk is nothing but a Temp who wants to go to law school, and is willing to sell his dignity and self respect to achieve that aim.
Person 1 - "So where you working at these days?"

Person 2 - "I'm a clerk at a law office down town"

Person 1 - "Oh that sounds kind of fun"

Person 2 - "Not really, I'm just the copy bitch"
by Captian Clerk March 17, 2010
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A great underground cult classic directed by Kevin Smith. It's the best film he's made by far. But Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is a close second. It was a low-budget film released in 1994 and was one of the best films of that decade.
Classic Clerks Moment....

Customer: Cute cat, what's it's name?
Randal: Annoying Customer.
Customer Fucking dick.
by ScreaminIdiot August 18, 2006
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either: the movie in which the comedy duo jay and silent bob were born,

or a sad depressed individual who hates his life and makes up for it by using what limited power he has to ruin other people's
as in : clerks is a kick-ass movie

" man that clerk at the counter is such a ass-cock muncher"
by head of penguinisation May 12, 2004
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