you're crazy, you're wrong, you're a liar, you're a looney, you're a lying looney, you're drunk.
"You want me to front you a bag of crack 'till Tuedsday? Bitch, you're tipped over!"

"Your folks drove that up here from the Bahamas? Man, You're tipped over."

"My friend? Oh don't worry about him, hes been drinking all day, he's totally tipped over."
by cuthulusmiles November 20, 2009
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1. This was used by Stevie T, one of my favorite YouTubers. In Music, to tip over the brown cow means to storm in with a powerful Wall of sound after a really delicate part.

2. As Stevie T describes it, it means to add power to an otherwise weak riff.
A Friend: This is surprisingly light for Iron Maiden
Me: They’ll tip over the brown cow soon!
by Man Of Few Words April 18, 2021
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