a period in time when oil didn't cost so goddamn much.
why the fuck does it cost 50 bucks to fill a tank?!?! it used to be 78 cents in the 1990s
by yeahokaythen June 27, 2006
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Probably the last decade worth mentioning in recent times.

1)Huge political changes(early 90s), bloody conflicts in Africa, Eastern Europe and ex-USSR republics. The fall of the worldwide socialist system.
2)The odd mix of new and old throught the world.
3)The birth of the public Internet, early multiplayer games(late 90s) with their yet unspoilt atmoshpere. In love with the 90s graphics in 2020.
4)Music bursted out with dozens of new genres in rock; the actual rebirth of hip-hop(the golden age) and electronic.
5)Many rock stars from 70s and 80s (and, of course, 90s) were much younger and energetic, though some of them fell in deep crisis.
5)Probably the highest levels of the world's criminalization.
6)The last peak for analog audio/video tech. Next digital decades are to kill the soul of the electronics.
7)90s were marked with a breakout for the cinematograph. Numerous masterpieces, as well as simply good family films.
Man, I should have been born in 1980s rather than 2000s to see the 1990s.
by rtv132 January 25, 2020
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The 1990s is one of the best decades ever. Some people still cannot define this decade because it was everything. You can't put the 1990s in a box because it has so much diversity. The entertainment was great, the economy was prospering and good, and society was so much more simpler back then. We had the Internet, but the Internet and computers were basically luxuries. If you didn't have a computer in the 1990s, it was no big deal. Technology didn't dominate every aspect of people's lives back then. Gas was only like $1.00 and some change back then, very cheap compared to now. Some people like to hate on the 1990s because they either slept through the decade or don't know much about it. In fact, thousands to millions of people online have been getting really nostalgic about the 90s. It's getting to the point where some 2000s kids and some 80s kids try to claim the decade as their "childhood." The 1990s was the last golden decade in America. People have different names for the decade, but I call it the decade full of partying.
"Come and talk to me, I really want to meet you, can I talk to you..." by Jodeci

"Do you remember the time, when we fell in love.." by Michael Jackson

"It's time for Anamaniacs!" Anamaniacs cartoon

"Sheneneh don't work for nobody!" Sheneneh Jenkins from Martin

"Sister Sister, sista sista, I got my own mind!" Sister Sister

"Your love is a one in a million, it goes on and on and on..." by Aaliyah

"I know you fed up ladies, but you gotta keep your head up..." by Tupac

"Biggie biggie biggie, can't you see, sometimes your mind just hypnotize me..." by Notorious BIG

"Jump jump, the mcdad will make you, jump jump, a daddy mac will make you..." by Kris Kross

"This party is the BOMB!" 1990s slang saying
by OldSchoolForLife July 3, 2011
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A decade split into two halves

1990 - '94: Creativity and artistry in pop culture that the world has ever seen. This came along with unprecedented peace and prosperity througout the world stemming for 12 years of Reagan/Bush military force and America's role as Benevolent Dictator.

Womens brains were their most important organ.

Socially concious music such as Grunge and Gangsta Rap.
Years of the Cosby show,and the current Fresh Prince and Martin's popularity among White people, lead to the beginnings of a color blind society.

See Real World 1 vs. Current Real World.

95-'00: Windows 95, OJ's Not Guilty, Black people openly cheeering the death of two white people, Brittany and P Diddy, Effects of NAFTA being felt. Clinton disgracing the Pres. Office, Women only wanted to be seen as whores and who could "out brittany" each other. Substance died, style reigned, teen pregnancy, rap became a narcissistic celebration of how black guys have big dicks while white guys agreed, shaved their hairline and turned into the biggest bitches ever, in lock step with their idol, Wigga King Eminem.

Overal: A decade where at the beginning it looked like America had a chance to really take off but with OJ, the Million Man March, Brittany, Eminem, P Diddy and massive illegal immigration of hispanics started the march of America towards a third world self loathing nation.
Dude 1: "Dude, I like that girl, even though she doesnt put out"

Dude 2: "Why?"

Dude 1: "She's really cool to talk to"

Dude 2: "The fuck is this? The 1990s? Either she takes the cawk or toss her"

Dude 1: "You're right dude, what was I thinking? This ain't Clueless"
by 3stones June 26, 2011
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first year of the 90s
everyone born this year is pretty much a BAMF.
person 1: what year were you born?
person 2: 1990.
person 1: whoa, youz a bamf.
by devin t April 7, 2008
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A breakdancing move that was invented in the mid 1980s. Various origins for the name include it being thought of as what would be "the move of the 90s", but who named the move and why is a matter of opinion.

Essentially the move is a spinning, one handed handstand. It is usually performed without the other hand touching the ground for the duration of the spin, which can be more than 10 rotations.

Variations include the 2000, where both hands are clasped together below the head and spun on making balance more difficult.
"Have you seen Joe's 1990s? He can get six rotations now!"
by Tom October 17, 2003
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A word someone posts online to say they miss the 90s can’t really blame them
by Manfromthe90s July 17, 2018
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