(English/Scouse slang)
I agree to go
"You up for going down the pub?"
"Yeah mate, im up for it"
by Jazzy b July 30, 2003
So excited for something that you have an erection and therefore "up" for it.
"You want to go downtown and check out some bitches."
"Yea, I'm up for it."
by X-C Skier July 14, 2006
Getting better, actively rising above, coming in to your own, living large and getting larger.
"Feeling damn good, I'm on the up and up!"
by j e t August 27, 2005
The opposite of keepin it on the downlow or doing stuff that you don't want anyone to know.
I ain't got nothing to hide...it's all on the up and up. We together, he cool.
by Dr Dre August 19, 2005
to increase in value or update to better quality
You need to up up that computer, it's falling apart.

Up up your shoe game, those SB dunks are old.
by Cool Guy Danster April 22, 2008
You're so upful. (you're so cheerful.)
by jackkcaj July 24, 2009
Positive. Confident. Evolving. Kind. Live and full of life. Joy. Jubilant. Exalted. Blissful.
Have an upful day!
by Jo Cundity November 5, 2011