1. A cat which is cute

2. A master of weaponry

3. The pinnacle of the ultimate apocalypse, Armageddon

5. The which has a power level of over 9000

6. Did you notice that i skipped 4? I'll bet you did
Person 1 - "Wow, what a cute cat!"

Person 2 - "Not only is it cute, it has a huge weapon closet, a power level of over 9000, and in that weapon closet is an array of super-sized I.C.B.M.s."

Person 1 - 0 . 0
by Nuclear Popcorn December 9, 2010
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1. When you see a cat that is just so darn cute you want to squeeze the life right out of it.

2. Not being able to control yourself around a really cute cat.
1. Bartholomeow the Third: (hugging a cute cat a bit too tight)

Cat owner: Hey give me my cat back, creep.

2. Rosie: (to cat) Aww you're such a cute cat aww.

Robby: Um, I think you have Cute Cat Syndrome.
by Consierd August 14, 2012
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Someone with obvious flaws in their appearance, that has a quirky attractiveness despite the flaws.
There is something off about Kellyanne Conway's appearance, but she still alley-cat cute.
by Chas501 January 11, 2017
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Cute Blue cat is a cat queen most beautiful and has a BIG ass.
And she loves her husband snow he has a very BIG peepee.
cute blue cat and loves pepole
by ilovebluepluessnow July 20, 2022
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